What Does it mean to be a sister queen?

A Sister Queen portrays no racial connotation whatsoever. 

A Sister Queen rises above challenges, if you DARE her. 

Being a Sister Queen is a mindset and a lifestyle. 

 A Sister Queen doesn’t think about tomorrow, she thinks about RIGHT NOW. 

A Sister Queen is someone you may or may not have a single thing in common with, 

But that does not hinder you from encouraging or uplifting her. 

A Sister Queen acknowledges competition but uses it to build comradely, 

Because she knows that will get her far. 

A Sister Queen exemplifies moral and ethical characteristics.

She refuses to be swayed by statistics. 

Sister Queens come in different shapes, sizes, colors, ethnicities, and educational backgrounds. 

Tell me, are you a Sister Queen now?


Shenice V. Jones


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